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Compact Kitchens for Tiny Houses

I’m sure many of you have seen some of the kitchens in tiny-small houses and thought “Can I really cook in that?” Most seem to be a hodge podge of toaster ovens, hot plates, microwaves, and a mini frig. While you can do most cooking and meet your food needs there seems to be aesthetic problems with many of theses solutions or there are space problems when people try to use FULL SIZE applications. It may take some getting use to but you will adapt to the space instead of trying to fit full house kitchen in a tiny house. As for me personally I use a 2 eye burner, convection oven, and microwave. I don’t own a conventional oven, not that I don’t have the space for it I do. But I found I don’t need it. Plus they waste more energy. Also try to think of this. Lots of people live full time in a extended stay hotel. At $200 wk its very costly but they may have no other choice and at that price they find no way out. These compact kitchens or some call them combo kitchens are all they have. For a prep area a idea I have seen used in RV’s is to put a cutting board over the sink. The kitchens shown are 30 inches wide but you can go bigger. So lets take a look at them and see what fits.

This compact kitchen has a sink, refrigerator, and a range. You can add a microwave range hood to finish it off. The price I have seen for this unit is $650. This is a Avanti Brand kitchen and they make many different Styles. More info on there products can be found at this link.

Another Brand of compact kitchens I have found is Summit Appliance. I seem to like there’s a little better since most of the friges have a freezer. All though for me personally I have a freezer on the back porch so it really don’t matter either way.But is is nice to have some type of freezer in the house to keep ice and maybe a frozen dinner or two. Anyway here is a few pics of there product.

This is the Summit model C301 and you can find it for about $938 with tax and shipping. For more info on Summit Appliance you can follow this link to see more of the combo kitchens.

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    I had one of these in an apartment for 4 years. I made Thanksgiving dinner for 6 without a problem. I loved it!
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