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After watch many video’s on youtube and hearing how much people were spending on there tiny house, I thought these people are spending way too much. The building materials don’t have to cost that much. You don’t have to use tounge and groove pine boards as your wall covering. You don’t have to go crazy with siding either. And if you don’t think you can build anything that well even after video instruction and buying plans, then you should simply buy this barn at Home Depot. For $7,500
they build the shell for you. My advise is turn it sideways ask for no door installed but one on the middle side, not a double shed door but a house door. From there things get alot more simple. Wire the electric. Buy a book on electric wiring or get help from a friend. Do the plumbing. Same advise as before. Install paneling, floor covering, insulation (maybe a foam soybean type), cabnets, and maybe a porch. You will still be under 10k and alot happier than the couple that spent 12k building a fancy shed. Here are some pics of the barn at Home Depot. Also if you go look at it there is a catalog with bigger buildings they build for you. One looks like a small house with a porch.

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