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What size can I build my tiny house on wheels?

So far I have found some information to answer this question. This is just a start to my findings. So at this time I would have to say my size limitations based on the information at hand are. No longer than 40ft. No wider than 8.5 ft to be safe but probably get away with 8.6 ft. And the height of 13.6 ft. So from there I will start my draft plans to build my house on wheels. I am still doing more research though because I have seen park model travel trailers at 12 ft wide. That is what I really desire but not if I cant move it to where and when I want to move it. Im not really into having to have a wide load sign and following car just to go on vacation.

Here is a link to the information I have found so far:

You can build the house to be no more than 400 sq ft. Otherwise it will fall under HUD requirements. The loft does not count as a part of this. Also you can make it 12 ft wide but anything wider than 8.6 ft you will have to hire someone to move it. Or just build it on site where you want it if you own the land.

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  5. goldentinyhouse answered: I have found that ‘most’ tiny houses are 8 ft. wide and 20 ft. long. That 13.6 ft. includes the height of the wheels.
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